Virginia Outdoors Plan

The Virginia Outdoors Plan is the Virginia’s comprehensive plan for land conservation, outdoor recreation, and open-space planning. The document helps all levels of government and the private sector meet needs pertaining to those matters. The plan is required for Virginia … Continued

New Sites for Recreational Activities

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In 2017, Chesapeake Bay Program partners added several new sites where the public can enjoy water activities in Virginia. Among them are the Northern Neck’s Belle Isle State Park (Lancaster County) and Hull Springs Farm (Westmoreland County). CBP’s Rachel Felver … Continued

Free Recycling Webinar

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The U.S. Environmental Agency is offering a free webinar with an update on the status of recycling markets, such as those for paper, plastics, metals and other commodities. Jerry Powell, founder and editor of Resource Recycling, Inc., will provide the … Continued

Concern Builds For Culturally And Environmentally Sensitive Fones Cliffs

Thirteen and a half acres of forest were cleared at the Richmond County Fones Cliff site, without local permits and erosion and stormwater controls. Developers say it was a misunderstanding. “We had heard some activity, tractors,” said Richard Moncure, with … Continued