Reducing Road Trash

The Northumberland County Anti-Litter Committee, in its efforts to reduce roadside trash, has launched a “Cover your Load” campaign this Spring.

The campaign brings attention to the problem of items blowing out of pickup truck beds when not properly secured.

To assist citizens in keeping loads secure in pickup truck beds while traveling to the county Waste Disposal sites to dispose of household and business trash, the Anti-Litter Committee applied for, and received, a grant from Virginia DEQ to conduct a Cover your Load campaign in the county.

“No vehicle shall be operated or moved on any highway unless it is…loaded as to prevent it contents from dropping, sifting, or otherwise escaping.”
– Virginia State Code, Chapter 10, Article 20, Section 46.2-1156

The grant allowed the Anti-Litter Committee to purchase a limited number of cargo nets that can be used by Northumberland County citizens to Cover their Load whilst traveling on local roadways.

Distribution will take place May 4, 2024, between 10am and 2pm at each of the three Northumberland County Waste Disposal sites—in Lottsburg, Horsehead, and Ditchley.

Northumberland County citizens will be asked to sign a pledge to use the cargo nets to Cover Their Load when carrying items in the bed of their pickup truck (which will document how many cargo nets are distributed), and after signing the pledge, each family will receive one FREE cargo net for their use (while supplies last).

By working together, Northumberland County citizens can collectively help reduce roadway hazards, as well as roadside litter in Northumberland County.

“We hope to see you on May 4, 2024, together we can foster a Clean County Culture in Northumberland County into the future,” said the County’s website announcement.