Residential Stormwater Retrofits Assistance

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The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) is a new program that provides financial reimbursement to property owners installing specific conservation practices. The assistance is for residential stormwater retrofits, with possible reimbursement of 50% to 70% of the cost of the retrofit.

A plan is first proposed to the District, after which a site visit verifies the project’s eligibility, and installation can begin.

Examples of retrofits include downspout disconnection, rain-garden installation, cistern installation, urban forested buffers, and the enhancement of riparian buffers.These practices can be installed in small acreage settings, at the source of stormwater discharges. All non-agricultural property owners in the identified districts are eligible to apply – residential, business, public, and private.

Participating Districts and Prospective Applicants should use these forms to apply for VCAP funds:

For additional information, visit Virginia’s Soil & Water Conservation Districts.