Learn Organic Gardening!

Here’s a great excuse to check out a cool little Marina in Kinsale!

Join the Sailing club, rent Kayaks, canoes, and other water toys, enjoy refreshments, stay at an Air BnB for the night, book a sailing experience/microfarm tour, and now LEARN ORGANIC GARDENING!

Learn the basics of how to take care of plants using organic techniques! Expand your horizons and grow your own food. Let’s learn how to grow food without polluting. Food at the grocery store is grown using toxic chemicals that harm the environment and our bodies, the only way to avoid this is to grow it yourself.

Tired of working so much? Put some of that energy into growing food and save! An organic pepper in the store is $2.19. A 4 pack of pepper plants are the same price. Each one will produce 5 or more peppers…you do the math.

This class will provide a foundation of knowledge regarding pests, fertilization, and setting up a garden. Tell your friends and family! If we all share what we grow then we will have even more abundance! It is a joyful experience to share what we grow, so let’s grow together! Gain the confidence to get out there and grow beautiful healthy plants. Tired of sad tomatoes? Weeds taking over the garden? Infestations of pests and disease? Maybe you are looking for a way to get a bunch of fresh veggies cheap? Maybe you want to skip the gym and work outside instead? Are you looking for a new addiction that is good for the planet, your community, and your body?

If so, join me for an Introduction to Organic Gardening. -Joe B — at The Slips // Kinsale.