Caledon State Park


Mission statement

To conserve natural, scenic, historic and cultural resources of the commonwealth and to provide recreational and educational opportunities consistent with good stewardship of these lands, water and facilities that leaves them unimpaired for future generations.



A National Natural Landmark known for its old growth forest and summer home to many American bald eagles, Caledon attracts bird watchers of all ages. Trails, including Boyd’s Hole Trail, which leads to the Potomac River, are open year-round. A visitor center with bald eagle exhibits, four picnic areas, a picnic shelter and restrooms also are available. There is also an paddle-in/hike-in/bike- in primitive campground along the Potomac River. Caledon State park also offers a wide variety of educational programming year round.



  1. Up-cycling or recycling
  2. Water Conservation
  3. Co-existing with wildlife
  4. Learning about flora and fauna on the Northern Neck
  5. Getting out side
  6. Removing invasive plants


Materials Available