New Tool Calculates Nitrogen Contribution

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Environmental scientists at the University of Virginia, along with Chesapeake Bay Foundation officials, have developed a new online tool that helps users better understand how individual lifestyle decisions affect our environment. The tool is called the Bay Footprint calculator and it focuses on nitrogen pollution. Details … Continued


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For most of us, commercially available lawn fertilizers probably rank up there with prescription drugs as our closest connection to the “better living through chemistry” culture that took hold in this country after World War II. All of us have … Continued

Grasses & Lawns

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Have you ever gone for a Sunday afternoon drive to explore the surprises that await you down a narrow lane? Perhaps you will see a rolling meadow with horses grazing behind a fence, or a sweeping reach of freshly cut … Continued

Residential Stormwater Retrofits Assistance

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The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP) is a new program that provides financial reimbursement to property owners installing specific conservation practices. The assistance is for residential stormwater retrofits, with possible reimbursement of 50% to 70% of the cost of the retrofit. A plan is first proposed … Continued

Three Rivers Environmental Educators

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  Mission statement Three Rivers Environmental Educators (TREE) provides opportunities for environmental educators the opportunity to network, partner, learn and otherwise improve the missions of their agencies and themselves.   Details Three Rivers Environmental Educators (TREE) comprises various environmental educators from … Continued

The Wetlands Project

Mission Statement To develop and strengthen community-based programs that create long-term environmental and economic value for protecting fragile wetlands ecosystems. Our vision is to elevate wetlands conservation into a trending cause championed by the general public.   Details Wetlands are … Continued