The Wetlands Project


Mission Statement

To develop and strengthen community-based programs that create long-term environmental and economic value for protecting fragile wetlands ecosystems. Our vision is to elevate wetlands conservation into a trending cause championed by the general public.



Wetlands are one of the world’s most productive natural assets. These valuable resources protect our shorelines from erosion, sea level rise and storm surge; filter water; provide habitat for wildlife; and shelter the nurseries that sustain our seafood industry. On the Northern Neck, wetlands are also an important ecological link to our historic and cultural heritage.

The Wetlands Project is a small and relatively new non-profit (founded in 2013) that seeks to build momentum for wetlands conservation and provide new insight into this often over-looked ecosystem. Organization programs focus on communicating a clear, concise and consistent wetlands conservation message to the business community and general public. Educational program content features information about why property owners should care about wetlands conservation, what they need to know before making land use choices and where to get information and assistance.



  • Environmental and Economic Value of Wetlands Ecosystems
  • Wetlands Conservation and Preservation
  • Living Shorelines
  • Role of Wetlands in Protecting Northern Neck Shorelines from Sea-Level Rise
  • Virginia General Assembly News Relevant to Northern Neck Wetlands Conservation and Living Shorelines, and Related Federal, State and Local Government Developments


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Kate Daniel