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  Underneath it all, most of us are driven by some deeply hidden desire to dominate nature. And this human tendency to control and manage things out there has been picked up by industry and the media. Like the false … Continued


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Here on the Northern Neck, the importance of recycling cannot be overemphasized. Across the nation, landfill space has become a precious commodity. Establishing new landfills is expensive and politically difficult, since none of us wants one in our backyard. But … Continued


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Decomposed organic kitchen waste, combined with organic waste from your yard, makes great stuff. The black nuggets produced over time, generally between two and five months, will enrich your soil and promote the growth of healthy, vibrant plants and vegetables. … Continued


BayScapes are landscapes well adapted to the Chesapeake Bay region. They incorporate conservation practices—creating diversity, conserving water, and using beneficial plants. The BayScapes program was developed by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, … Continued


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  Early Northern Neck letters and diary entries often mention the great bounty and variety of wildlife found throughout the uplands and along the waters’ edges. Today, in our rush to make the next meeting or get to work on … Continued

New Tool Calculates Nitrogen Contribution

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Environmental scientists at the University of Virginia, along with Chesapeake Bay Foundation officials, have developed a new online tool that helps users better understand how individual lifestyle decisions affect our environment. The tool is called the Bay Footprint calculator and it focuses on nitrogen pollution. Details … Continued

Northern Neck Land Conservancy

  Mission Statement To preserve the rural heritage of the Northern Neck of Virginia by conserving its lands, water, economies and culture for future generations. Our working goals are to conserve and protect the Chesapeake Bay and its watersheds; to … Continued